Welcome to PingPong

Are you bored when programming in Java, C, Delphi, VB, Cobol or whatever?
Forget all that crap and take a look at this.

This is the real stuff. Totally wacky – but it pleases the intellect with a certain esthetic appeal.

If you have no experience with other esoteric languages (especially with "Befunge") this programming language might be quite confusing. But don't be scared and check it out. Read the docs on this page and download the stuff. It might change your life :-) or at least it will demage your mind.

Example Programs

#/1-$ $:fo$ ytlucaF#/<\#/;>@#/"1\
 \              .*N6:/\* /

Calculates the faculty of an entered number. Quits if you enter a number <= 0.

0;>\"`2%\     / 01-emirP   #/<\6N*.)
   @     \1#/->/1+"'"\       \./
            \2/>%^`/       #
                \01-emirP$ on/

Checks if the entered number is a prime, dividing it by all numbers < n/2.

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